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Title: #11 Pandemic Holds No Promises: A Covid Prayer for Cranes
Author: TRLT2015
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Description: Materials: Mixed-Media Inspiration for your design: I was inspired by how shelter-in-place orders affected wildlife within such a short amount of time. How less air traffic, clearer skies, and cleaner water might affect the Sandhill Cranes. Equally, how lucky we are to shelter-in-place in a locale coveted by these unique and lovely creatures and how lucky they are that our community cares about them, poignantly, even during a pandemic. The hanging prayer tie is a physical manifestation of a prayer - traditionally, when burned, the prayers put into the offering rise heavenward. This is a prayer for the masked bird, ahead of its time, and prepared for pandemic. Why you wanted to participate in this project: My mother is a huger birder. I’ve been birding in Teton Valley since I could walk. Anytime you’re lucky enough to have crane sightings or even hear them, it’s always magical. That we can have sightings regularly is incredibly special. I want to support the Land Trust in their efforts to protect and encourage Cranes in Teton Valley so that my daughter might have the same experiences throughout her life. Artist: Claire Vitucci