Memorial Gifts

Wray Landon Fund

Honoring our close friend and coworker Wray Landon IV, a memorial fund has been created to extend the conservation and stewardship work he loved. Wray Landon died while skiing the Southeast Face of the South Teton Sunday, February 21, 2010. Teton Regional Land Trust lost a valuable employee and friend that day. Honoring the wishes of Wray’s family, the Teton Regional Land Trust created a “Wray Landon Legacy Fund.” Gifts made to this fund go towards furthering the great work Wray did with the Teton Regional Land Trust.

Initial contributions have helped fund many crucial projects. Some examples include our recent North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant on the Henry’s Fork. Wray was closely involved in writing the NAWCA grant before he passed away. Proceeds from the Wray Landon Legacy Fund will allow Teton Regional Land Trust to perform tasks for the NAWCA grant, and help us to work with willing landowners restoring 510 acres of habitat and protecting 1,520 acres along the Henry’s Fork.

Donations to Wray Landon Legacy Fund have also helped refurbish and improve our interpretive displays at the Woods Creek Fen outdoor classroom, a project Wray was organizing. The Woods Creek Fen property is owned by the Land Trust and includes an interpretive trail used to educate local students and the general public about the unique values of the wetland.

Future contributions to the Wray Landon Legacy Fund will be placed in an endowment which will grow over time, and the Land Trust will use the proceeds to carry on some of Wray’s most important projects including the following:

  • Annual stewardship monitoring to maintain the integrity of the conservation easements that we hold.
  • Maintenance of our fee-owned properties including our outdoor education classroom at Woods Creek Fen.
  • Ecological monitoring to determine the impact of our conservation work on birds and other wildlife.

We feel that Wray enjoyed these stewardship activities and we are glad to continue them in his honor.

For more information or to make a donation call 208-354-8939 or mail to PO Box 247 Driggs, ID 83422. Mark your gift as Wray Landon Legacy Fund.

In Memory

Gifts given in memory of a friend or loved one are a great way to honor individuals who were passionate about conservation. Teton Regional Land Trust will recognize these gifts in our semi-annual newsletters. Cumulative gifts of $500 or more will be recognized with a plaque placed on a memorial bench at the Woods Creek Fen Outdoor Classroom.