Our Staff

Kim Trotter

Executive Director
Email Kim Trotter

208-354-8939 ext 20

Jeske Gräve

Development Director
Email Jeske Gräve

208-354-8939 ext 15

Tamara Sperber

Conservation Director
Email Tamara Sperber

208-354-8939 ext 19

Christine Ford

Operations Manager
Email Christine Ford

208-354-8939 ext 12

Mandy Crane

Outreach and Events Coordinator
Email Mandy Crane

208-354-8939 ext 16

Nicole Cyr

Stewardship Associate
Email Nicole Cyr

208-354-8939 ext 11

Renee Hiebert

Conservation Project Manager
Email Renee Hiebert

208-354-8939 ext 10

Josh Holmes

Conservation Project Manager
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208-354-8939 ext 14

Kimberly Holmes

Stewardship Director
Email Kimberly Holmes

208-354-8939 ext 17

Anna Naylor

Development Associate
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208-354-8939 ext 21

Niah Pennington

Stewardship Associate
Email Niah Pennington

208-354-8939 ext 22

Kristy Smith

Stewardship Associate
Email Kristy Smith

208-354-8939 ext 18

Our Furry Helpers

Augustus McCrane

Chief Napping O-purr-ator

Birdie Bossell

Emotional Support Manager

Smitten BoBitten Ford

Native Species Relations


Safety Committee Lead

Shorty and Cyrus Holmes

Smooching Specialist and Feeling Assistant

Porter Naylor

Keep Away Coordinator

Finn Trotter

Associate Retrieval Manager

Samson Gräve

Front Door Security Officer