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 March 2022

POSITION: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

LOCATION: Driggs, Idaho

The mission of Teton Regional Land Trust is to conserve working farms and ranches, fish and wildlife habitat, and scenic open spaces in Eastern Idaho for this and future generations.


  The inspiration for the Teton Valley Land Trust came from a small group of community members who recognized their cherished landscapes were at risk – and if these landscapes were lost, the unique agricultural character, the vibrant wildlife populations, and the incredible scenic beauty enjoyed by residents and visitors alike would be a distant memory. Early efforts concentrated on protecting critical habitat and productive farms and ranches in Teton Valley. The first project, completed in 1995, involved protecting a property near the confluence of Teton Creek with the Teton River.

Since those first days, the Land Trust quickly expanded protection efforts to include six eastern Idaho counties (Bonneville, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, and Teton) and portions of Teton County, Wyoming, and merged with Fremont Heritage Trust. This expansion resulted in both an opportunity for a landscape scale conservation impact, as well as a name change. Since then, the Teton Regional Land Trust

has grown into a mature, professional, accredited organization that has worked with hundreds of landowners, their families, and conservation partners to protect more than 40,000 acres.

As the beauty of the Teton region becomes attractive to new, out-of-region landowners, and tourists, the mission of the Land Trust becomes increasingly urgent. Teton Valley Magazine described the double- edged appeal of eastern Idaho well: “Ironically, its beauty, diverse wildlife, and location along the west slope of the Tetons are the very qualities that bring more and more destructive human intrusion.” It’s not just our valleys that feel the impact: just over the border, Yellowstone National Park draws ever-growing numbers of visitors each year, and in every season.

Additionally, the affects of climate change has impacted wildlife and other environmental factors in the area. To meet the needs of the region, Teton Regional Land Trust has stepped up the response with recent accomplishments including:

  • In September 2021, conserving over 2,000 acres of range land next to the Tex Creek Wildlife Management (WMA) in Bonneville County east of Idaho Falls, preserving critical transitional habitat that is vital for big game herds that winter in the WMA.
  • Working to bring the newest science into organization’s decision making and planning in the face of changing climate TRLT has developed a strategic conservation plan that prioritizes migration corridors, open spaces, and wetlands, areas that are valuable to supporting climate resiliency and species diversity.
  • Creation of the multi-million-dollar Richard Grundler Teton Valley Conservation Fund.


The next Executive Director of the Teton Regional Land Trust, in partnership with the Board of Directors, will be responsible for developing a strategic plan to build and scale the impact of the organization as it seeks to respond to pressures around development in the region. While the new leader will be tasked with developing core priorities, some key initiatives and responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the organization in its next strategic planning process that will ensure the profile of the Land Trust as a trusted partner, but also grows the scale of conservation and stewardship areas of
  • Providing steady leadership for staff and volunteers, the Executive Director will, in partnership with Board of Directors and staff, affirm the roles and responsibilities within the organization, develop staff professional development plans, and develop and fill gaps as
  • As a high profile, external figure for the organization with potential new donors and stakeholders, the Executive Director will be charged with strengthening existing relationships and establishing new ones within the region and
  • Works with the Board of Directors and Fundraising staff to assess the current and future financial resources needed to realize the Land Trust’s mission.


The Teton Regional Land Trust seeks a visionary and thoughtful leader to join a dedicated Board of Directors and committed staff to develop strategic responses to protect, conserve, and celebrate the beauty of eastern Idaho.

The ideal leader will have a deep appreciation and extensive background in land conservation, environmental policy, wildlife ecology and/or related fields. This leader will have a pulse on innovations, policies, and learnings within land trust communities across the country.

The ideal candidate will approach their responsibilities with a collaborative approach. The next leader will work to engage a wide range of stakeholders from long time ranchers to new-to-the-region landowners. A successful candidate will be able to embrace differences yet seek to find commonalities. The ideal candidate can clearly communicate the mission of the Land Trust to develop buy-in from landowners and donors.

The ideal candidate will have successfully led strategic planning and the ability to work with staff, as well as with the Board, to develop and implement long and short-term strategic plans to take the organization to the next level.

A successful candidate will have demonstrated fundraising experience that includes securing private and government grants, securing major gifts, and cultivating individual donors.

The ideal candidate will be both a strong and careful listener with a commitment to fostering an organizational culture where the voices of staff, donors, volunteers, Board members, and other stakeholders are encouraged. The candidate will have experience and the ability to foster a collaborative and welcoming work environment in leading and working with a competent staff. The candidate will also have a keen ability to develop, maintain, and enhance strong positive and productive relationships with partners, community leaders, supporters, and volunteers.


VISION: Teton Regional Land Trust envisions an Eastern Idaho where thriving communities enjoy clean rivers and streams, abundant wildlife, productive farms, and ranches and inspiring vistas.

VALUES: Teton Regional Land Trust envisions a future where the residents and visitors of the Upper Snake River Region of Eastern Idaho enjoy clean rivers and streams, abundant wildlife, inspiring vistas, working lands, and a thriving economy. We see a future where our community values Teton Regional Land Trust as a vital institution that protects and contributes to the quality of life in our area.

Into the future, Teton Regional Land Trust will evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of the land and the community, with a broad base of support and the financial independence to fulfill the commitments we have made. As a nationally accredited land trust, we value:

  • Integrity: We value transparency in our transactions and are accountable to ourselves and to the people of our
  • Respect: We work in partnership with willing landowners and value past and present generations of land stewards as examples for the
  • Community: We recognize, respect, and support the inherent cultural connection that both landowners and the community have with the Eastern Idaho We understand that open space provides important ecological, economic, educational, and recreational benefits to communities in our region.
  • Commitment: We ensure strong resource conservation and stewardship in perpetuity through cooperative work with willing landowners, educational outreach and celebration of our resources and people.
  • Organizational Excellence: We support a professional staff and well-rounded Board of Directors committed to excellence and accountability.

To apply, please submit a current resume and letter of introduction to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at

https://bit.ly/3iJ3FkA   (click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page).