Reserved Rights

With each property the Teton Regional Land Trust helps protect with a conservation easement, we have assumed an obligation to ensure that the conservation easement terms are upheld and that the unique conservation values of the property remain intact, forever.

Each conservation easement that the Teton Regional Land Trust holds has certain reserved rights and limitations tailored specifically for that property that were agreed upon by the original landowner and the Land Trust. Many of these reserved rights outlined in the conservation easement require written prior notice and approval by the Land Trust. Even if your conservation easement does not require prior notice to the Land Trust, it is always a good idea to contact us to be sure any changes you plan on making on the property are in concert with your easement terms.

In order to facilitate a landowner exercising a reserved right, the Land Trust makes available to landowners a Landowner Request Form available here:  TRLT Landowner Request Form (April 2017)

Once received, the Land Trust Stewardship Staff will review your request and contact you to discuss the request.

For questions regarding the Reserved Rights Approval Process, Landowner Request Form, or to ask questions regarding your conservation easement, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 208-354-8939 or drop us an email at

Property Transfer

If you are planning to sell or gift your property, or transfer ownership within your family or to a trust, please notify the Land Trust in writing. It is very important for the Land Trust to track conservation easement property ownership so that we can ensure that we can meet the new landowners to ensure they understand all conservation easement terms and approval processes.

Please refer to the section of your conservation easement document that outlines the Subsequent Transfers process. This paragraph outlines the transfer requirements for the landowner, which typically includes incorporating the terms of the Conservation Easement by specific reference in a separate paragraph of any deed or legal instrument divesting interest in the conservation easement property and giving the Land Trust written notice of the transfer of interest.

For questions regarding the transfer notification process of your conservation easement, please contact the Land Trust at 208-354-8939 or

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