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Lower Henry’s Fork Conservation

Mike and Sheralee Lawson were recognized as Ed Hill Conservation Award recipients this year during our 30th Anniversary Celebration for their Henry’s Fork conservation easement. You can watch their interview with Jeske Grave, our Development Director, below. Teton Regional Land Trust and Mike and Sheralee Lawson partnered to complete a conservation easement on Friday, December […]

Teton Regional Land Trust celebrates 30 years

By Julia Tellman, Teton Valley News The Teton Regional Land Trust, founded in August of 1990, now oversees 36,400 acres of land in conservation easements split among 132 landowners in its six-county eastern Idaho service area (with some spill-over into neighboring states). But Michael Whitfield, a founding member of the nonprofit who also served as […]

Teton Regional Land Trust Board President John Nedrow took some convincing, but now he’s a big believer in conservation easements – it saved his family farm

Story and Photos by Steve Stuebner Before knowing much about land trusts, Ashton farmer John Nedrow thought they were some kind of sinister force seeking to take over his farm and force landowners off their property. “Back then, I thought they were the enemy,” Nedrow said in an interview on his alfalfa and malt-barley farm, […]

Trumpeter Swans in Teton Valley

Trumpeter Swans are one of our region’s most iconic wildlife species, yet one of the rarest breeding birds in the west. They are among the largest waterfowl species in the world and exhibit highly cognizant behavior, have strong family bonds, and can live up to 25 years in the wild. Trumpeter Swans were once widespread […]

Trumpeter Swans in Teton Valley

Trumpeter Swans are one of our region’s most iconic birds and embody the extraordinary landscape we call home. Trumpeter Swans are the largest waterfowl species native to North America, and in addition to being visually magnificent, they exhibit highly cognizant behavior, form strong family bonds, and can live up to 25 years in the wild. […]

Caribou-Targhee National Forest Gains Priority Inholding The protection of the Maytag-Teton Timbers property will ensure additional access to public lands and enhance wildlife habitat protection

DRIGGS, ID (September 29, 2020) —The U.S. Forest Service and The Conservation Fund announce that approximately 960-acres of land located in a remote forested area in Teton County, Idaho is now protected in perpetuity, thanks to a partnership that also includes the Teton Regional Land Trust, supportive landowners at the Beartooth Group, Teton County Commissioners, […]

Sandhill Cranes in Teton Valley

Teton Regional Land Trust leads the Greater Yellowstone Sandhill Crane Initiative, which is a project focused on the protection of habitat for Sandhill Cranes. Sandhill Cranes are one of the most iconic species in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and are especially effective drivers for conservation initiatives due to their status as an umbrella species. Each […]