Plant Ecology Tour

  • DATE
    June 14, 2024
  • TIME

    Woods Creek Fen, Fred Mugler Outdoor Classroom

Join the Land Trust’s very own Kristy Smith, our resident plant expert, along with board member and plant ecologist, Mike Merrigliano, for a tour of Woods Creek Fen, an ecologically important area protected by Teton Regional Land Trust. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore and learn all about this special place.

The Woods Creek Fen is unique because of the deep peat deposits which underlay the area. The biologically rich wetlands are recognized as some of the finest wetland habitats in the region. Because the surface soils are made up of many years of accumulated dead and decomposed plant matter, these wetlands feature several rare endangered and sensitive wildlife and plant species. 

Woods Creek Fen has been characterized as the most floristically unique wetland in Teton County and is ranked as a site with high conservation value for rare plants and wetland plant communities. Seven plant species of concern were documented within the Woods Creek Fen Property including:  hoary willow, swamp willow weed, Kelsey’s Phlox, pale sedge, green-keeled cottongrass, Jone’s primrose and Buxbaum’s sedge. 

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