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Title: #6 La Crane (or La Grue, if you prefer French)
Author: TRLT2015
Votes: 20

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Description: Materials: The crane is made from La Croix cans that have been cut into the shape of feathers. Inspiration: Sandhill cranes may initially appear to be muted in color, but a closer look reveals a palette of different hues of varying tones and shades. La Croix cans are very colorful and their design is reminiscent of feathers. We thought it would be interesting to incorporate these designs in our work--plus, it gave us an excuse to drink as much La Croix as possible this summer. Why we wanted to participate in the project: This project sounded like a fun way to support cranes and TRLT. It also provided some creative art therapy during these uncertain times. Artists: The Sperbers