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Title: #8 "The Sound of Silence is Heard in a Crane’s Cry”
Author: TRLT2015
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Description: TYPE OF MATERIALS: Fabric, wood, metal, barley INSPIRATION: Celebration for a Sandhill Crane’s birth of a baby “colt” ARTIST STATEMENT: During this summer of the pandemic, I have been using my photography as a reference to help me create and sew quilts with the theme of various types of birds such as owls, sandhill cranes, and loons. When I decided to take on the crane sculpture for the Land Trust, I decided to use fabric to create it. I like the feel of working with fabric and trying to manipulate this media into bird feathers. My husband and I have enjoyed the various birds that frequent our yard or the nearby fields this summer. These wild birds bring “normalcy” to our daily lives. Birds come to our area for food and water and we enjoy their singing, their antics, their aerial fights and flights, and their awareness of us working outside in our yard. Birds also have a calming effect on us and are always a bright spot in our day. Sandhill Cranes are tall, somewhat awkward looking, very shy, and are so graceful when they take flight. Sandhills are attentive to their babies called “colts”. As the barley fields ripen and are harvested in the valley, we are even more aware of hundreds of Sandhill Cranes coming to our area to join the resident cranes and we know that Fall is here! Artist: Mary Lou Oslund