Will Roth


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Will Roth was lucky enough to grow up spending time in Teton Valley with family, and he developed an appreciation for its open spaces and natural beauty. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Communications from Syracuse University, he spent a year living and working in Teton Valley before prying himself away to work in Los Angeles. He always hoped to move back, and when the opportunity presented itself in 2020, he didn’t hesitate. He began working with a local nonprofit and learning more about the nonprofit community as a whole. It was then that he realized that so many of the open spaces that he admired as a kid were actually easements conserved by Teton Regional Land Trust. 

As the Development and Communications Associate, Will enjoys telling the story of the Land Trust in various ways, from newsletters and social media to grants and press releases. He also enjoys meeting community members who are so passionate about the landscape of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

Will likes to spend his time hiking with his wife and dogs, cross country skiing, floating on the Teton River, and working on home improvement projects that he is not qualified to do.